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We are an organization with expertise in Media, Banking, Telecom, IT Verticals, etc. We ensure that you get connected to the right job opportunity in these verticals. Here is how we make this happen –

The screening process begins with implementing our Insight Framework for Candidates, where they are first given extensive attention through interviews. We collect information regarding their skills (both technical and soft). These skills are then accumulated into our talent pool. Once prospective opportunities are found, we then interact with candidates to match their expectations and assets to see if these are the right opportunities for the individual.

Finding the right opportunity is only part of it. We take our program up a notch by then engaging the candidate in the ‘Human Tree Grooming Program’. These sessions involve preparing a candidate for the interview. The sessions are structured to mold the candidate in how one presents themselves, their aptitude for questions and inclination to add value to the potential organization.

We make sure that post hire we are connected and we receive regular feedback and updates both from candidate and organization in our continuous endeavor to support.

Human Tree Grooming Program

Candidates today have an urgent need to know where they stand before they head into an interview. Whether it is domain knowledge, or aptitude, individuals today require tremendous prepping in order to withstand the growing competition. Rather than being just a statistic in the hiring game, it is important for individuals understand both, the need of the employer, and their own personal expectations.

Understanding this need has been one of Human Tree’s top priorities. In order to achieve an optimal outcome out of each candidate interview, Human Tree designed exclusive training sessions for candidates to undertake before sitting on the hot seat.

Applying for these session is as simple as 3 steps.

Step 1: The candidate needs to fill out a simple yet effective application containing two parts. In the 1st part the candidate needs to fill the personal details. The 2nd part is a questionnaire to obtain candidate’s expectation from a job and one’s career aspirations.

Step 2: Our representative interviews you to understand your current profile, skills and behavioral aspects.

Step 3: This is the most important training session exclusively arranged for you based on the information provided in the application form and the aspects related to you identified through the telephonic interview by our representative. The objective of this training session is to prepare you for the desired job.