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Making Hiring Easy:

‘Paper’ and ‘People’ can often be confused as ONE in the hiring-game. At HumanTree we like to define ourselves as a ‘Scout-Platform’ for the right talent. Scouring through the resumes of qualified individuals, we offer our client companies something a resume cannot – the ability to assess people on their soft-aspects such as integrity, commitment, service orientation, and ethics. Blending these with the right experience and complementing skills, we thrive on providing companies with a solid, and reliable individual.

And we just happen to have a very strong network of relationships in organizations and a talent pool to do so.

We like to ensure that the quality of this talent pool is persistently maintained even after the hiring process. This enhances the company’s overall human resource experience. Companies today need balanced teams and ‘perfect fit’s’ – That’s where we come in. For the longest time – your resume was the face of your career. We propose to disrupt this. Employers today are crystal clear about the type of employee they need and likewise with candidates. Professional skills itself are not enough to ensure that a candidate will fit in. It is essential to match the right employee, with the right employer based on their cognitive behavior and personality development.

Insight Framework -This gave birth to the concept of ‘Insight Frameworks’ at HumanTree. Insight Frameworks are a comprehensive step in our hiring process that involves analyzing the personality of our client companies/employers as well as the candidates. This step helps increase the quality of the hiring and the possibility of a long-standing employer-employee relationship.